Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Help a New Mom Out!

I am in dire need of some good advice. We are working on getting the baby's nursery in order since we bought our crib about a week ago. The room we are using has been in use as my craft room/office.

Here is my dilemma...I don't have a lot of room in our other bedroom to put craft stuff. I do, however, have a big closet (the biggest in the house, of course) in the nursery. I know I will not need to use it for the baby's things. The thought I had is to put my craft stuff in that closet. However, I am wondering if I will regret that. For instance, if I put the baby down for a nap and then want to work on something from that closet, will that wake the baby up? Or, if I end up needing more room for baby's stuff and the room is take up with scrapbook stuff. I just don't want to have to move everything over and over.

So, for all of you experienced moms (or opinionated non-moms) out there, what do you think? I know I am probably blowing this out of proportion, but I just can't decide what to do.

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Nichole said...

I think it depends on the baby. If it were one of mine, the activity probably would wake them. I think I'd try to put the supplies elsewhere. Could the contents of another closet be moved to the baby's room?

Tiffany said...

The problem is that the other available closet is about the size of a small coat closet.

Jeni said...

I'd put it elsewhere, Tiff, sorry. Some babies will sleep through anything, but most likely getting stuff out of the closet would wake him or her. If you do decide to use that closet, you'll just have to think ahead more about what you might need, and risk not having it handy when you want it.

Is it the room across the hall from your room?

Tiffany said...

No, it is not that room. It is the "green" room next to ours. We just could not decorate the other room as a nursery again.

Jen @ JenuineJen said...

I would not have it in the same room as the nursery. It may or may not wake the baby up. I have twins so me perspective might be different than a mom of a singleton. I just liked the "freedom" that naptime brought. I did not have to be watching them because they were safe in their beds sleeping. I could do what I wanted without having them right on top of me.

If you do not have a good place to put the things right now, you might consider making your scrapbooking stuff portable. In other words, you have it stored neatly in Cropper Hopper type storage. You can set it up where you need it (kitchen, dining room, etc.) and move it out of sight when you are done.

Another option is to begin digiscrapping most of the scrapbook things and use your supplies for crafts and special projects. The advantage to digiscapping is that you have a backup and you can have the scrapbooks printed in hardbound books as gifts to grandparents.

Nancy said...

My mother taught me a trick that was very useful when my children were babies. When they are very young (as in not home from the hospital very many days), start using the vacuum in the room next to the one the baby is sleeping in. Do this every day for awhile. Lo and behold! My children could sleep through anything. Going into their room and getting something from a closet would be a piece of cake. My children were always happy and well rested.

Mandy said...

I would not share the baby's room with other hobbies or activities. I also agree with Mama Nancy on noise. Put a noise machine in the baby's room so they are use to noise. You will also be surprise what he/she can hear now. Both of my boys could sleep through Emma's barking from day one.