Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Advertizements on a Blog- What do you think?

I have stayed away from running ads on my blog, because I have been afraid that it would turn people off. I am just curious, what do you think?

  • When you see advertisements on a blog sidebar, do you get annoyed?
  • Do you ever click on them?
  • Do you have them on your site?
  • Are they successful?
What about paid posts? Do you feel taken advantage of? Do they seem imposing?

I have been thinking a lot about doing something to make some money using my blog, but I am afraid that it will take away from the feel of it. I don't want this to turn strictly into a "business." I mean, I seriously doubt I would make much money from it, but every little bit helps, right?

So, what are your thoughts on making money on a blog?

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Jeni said...

I've looked into various ways to make money from my blog, and haven't found any that seem worthwhile. I really don't want to clutter up my blog with ads, and my readership is too small to bring in much income anyway. I'm hoping to get an Etsy shop set up sometime soon, and that probably will go on my blog.

Our cousin is doing better, I believe - I know she's out of the hospital and at home. Last I heard, which was a week or so ago, she's slowly recovering. She was basically kicked out of the hospital before she was ready by her insurance, which really stinks.

Nichole said...

I just signed up with BlogHer ads, but I haven't put any ads up yet. The equation that they use to pay bloggers come out to mean that, based on my traffic, I might make $25 every 7 years.

As far as paid posts go, I think that would hinder the sincerity of your blog. I've seen some sites that do reviews in exchange for a free sample. When the reviewers are honest, I don't mind. But it's a little suspect when they rave over every product.

Nichole said...

Oh, and ... I set up an affilate account at Amazon. Whenever I link to a book or CD or something that they sell, I use the affiliate code. If anyone clicks over from our site and actually buys something, I get a wee little credit. I've been doing that for about 3 years, and I've made about $30. All of which went back to Amazon!

Tiffany said...

I have not thought about the Amazon affiliate thing. That might be an option. Thanks!

Happyhome said...

I honestly ignore them. Good question to pose though.

Melissa said...

I just started a blog and have thought about putting ads on to help with my TNT fundraising, but I haven't seen anything that looks like it would actually make that much.

Livin' Life said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really like yours!!
To your question I don't run advertisements. I link sites I like to my side bar but personally I want people to feel at home and not like it is a totally commercialized site.

Jendi said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your design is very pretty.

I don't mind ads on blogs. If it's anything interesting to me at all I like to click on it. Maybe it will help the person out. Some people do them much more tastefully than others.

I do not like Pay Per Posts. I've stopped reading a couple blogs because they started doing the Pay Per Posts.

I am a fairly new member of BlogHer. I have not received any money, but I have gotten readers through having my title in the "More From Blogher" list. And I LOVE new readers! :)

From what I've read it takes a long time to build up a blog enough to receive an income. had a series of ideas to make money using your own blog. She recommends the affiliate links. I'm still learning about them.

Hope this gives you some more to think about.

Cynthia Matzat said...

I have to admit, I am annoyed at times by ads on blogs. They can also slow down the time it takes your blog to load. Your layout is so pretty, I would hate to see you clutter it up with ads. ;) Just my two cents worth.

Thanks for awarding me one of your Excellent blog awards! That was very flattering.

SAHMmy Says said...

I think in the mommyblogger niche it's slow going trying to create revenue from ads. Most people keep Blogher ads or Google Adsense--I think most of us just learn to ignore them, kind of like you wouldn't notice someone's refrigerator because we all have one. I've done a few paid ads, haven't had any backlash, in fact I was surprised that some loyal readers actually bothered to read the ads and comment. Just think about your opinion--do you even notice ads on other blogs? Does it really bother you to see someone write an ad or two in between the "good stuff"? I think those who chose not to add ads to their blogs wouldn't scorn those who do--it's just personal preference. Unless you're promoting high-ticket items, Amazon affiliate is even less profitable than Adsense. What are the chances that someone will click on your book suggestion, for instance, and carry that link through to checkout? Good luck with whatever you choose!

Crazy Daisy said...

To ad, or not to ad... :-) thanks for posting this question! I'm also new to blogging and am finding it very interesting reading the various answers!