Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Day to Remember!

It started out with a surprise plane trip to Italy early this morning, followed by a romantic brunch overlooking...


Andrew, bless his heart, is still sick. He has been miserably sick since Friday! He has had the coughing, nauseous, congested, stuffy head, sore throat, fevered, weak, dizzy, and all around no-good, rotten, terrible very bad day blues! So, today we took him to the doctor.

It seems that either the last time he was sick (exactly one month ago today) they only partially treated the illness, or...because his immune system was already weakened, he just caught something else. Either way, the doctor (who was very nice, by the way- we could not get into his regular doctor until March, so we saw someone else) gave him a prescription for a Z-pack (the good stuff) and some cough medicine (hopefully, also the good stuff!).

So, we headed out of the doctor's office and straight to the pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled. We dropped them off at the handy-dandy drive-through window and then went to get something to eat. Because he was starting to feel pretty bad again and did not want to get out of the car, I ran into the mall to the food court and got lunch, which we ate out in the car- Taco Bell and Orange Julius- how romantic!

The girl at the pharmacy window said it would be about 30 minutes to get the two prescriptions filled. About an hour after dropping them off, we arrived back at the drive-through window. Surely they would be ready, right?


Lady: "What was the name again?"

Me: "Lough"

Lady: "And was the doctor's office supposed to call or fax it in?"

Me: "No, I dropped it off an hour ago. She said it would be ready in 30 minutes."

Lady: "Hang on just one second."

At this point, we started getting worried.

A different lady (I think the main pharmacist): "Hi! Did you say the doctor's office called the prescription in?"

Me: "No...I dropped them off over an hour ago. They were supposed to be ready in 30 minutes."

Pharmacist: "OK, just a second, please."

More time passes and a car pulls in behind us. The sign on the window asking you to pull forward if you are waiting on a prescription and another car pulls up is screaming at me. So, I let them know that I am pulling around in line. When I got back up to the window, the pharmacist was there.

Pharmacist: "I am so sorry, and I am embarased to have to say this, but we can not find your prescription. Who is your doctor and we will call him to get him to fax it to us."

So, I gave her the information.

Pharmacist: "Normally, we would just tell you to go home and someone would deliver it to your house. Unfortunately, with it being Valentine's Day, all of our delivery people are too busy delivering flowers."

Thanks, like I needed to be reminded what today was and that we were spending it in line at the pharmacy. So, we waited. After several more trips around the drive-through, and waiting an hour and a half in line, a third woman came to the window.

Lady 3: "Hi, what can I do for you?"

Me: Seriously?!!!!! "I am waiting on a prescription that was lost. Has the doctor's office called back yet?"

Lady 3: "Let me check, hang on just a second." "No, he has not."

So after waiting an hour and a half and Andrew getting progressively more worn out, I decided to just go home...20 minutes away. They said they would call when they got the prescription. So, at 5:15 (3 hours after I dropped them off) they called to say the prescriptions were ready.

So, my parents went in to the store and are on their way here to bring them to us. Glamorous, isn't it? Now, I do have to say that they were very friendly and apologetic through the whole thing. They even gave us two ten dollar gift cards for our trouble. That might pay for the 1/8 tank of gas we spent while our car was idling for an hour and a half!

The highlight of our day had to be this morning while we sat, he in his recliner, me on the couch, and I mercilessly beat him at the grueling game of skill: Guess Who? I won 10/12 games. What can I say? I'm good!

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Amy said...

Oh no! I am so sorry. What a rough day for both of you. Happy V-Day.

Jeni said...

Poor Andrew! And poor you! You'll have to celebrate in a couple of weeks, when he's (hopefully) back to normal. And before he catches the next round.

Tiffany said...

Bite your tongue, Jeni! :) This z-pack is going to do the trick and he is going to be back on his feet by the end of next week. Then, we are done with sickness for this year! I have spoken! I wish.

Nichole said...

What a rotten day! I hope the meds do their thing quickly!

Laura said...

Are you sure the beating him wasn't just because he was sick? Hopefully he's starting to feel better already!

Andrew said...

The sad part is that I think she actually let up on me for the two games I won because I was sick. She's right - she is that good.

Vader's Mom said...

Oh goodness. I hope he's feeling 100% soon!!

Sandi said...

Poor Andrew. I hope that he's feeling better and that you guys can celebrate!