Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby Update

NaBloPoMo Day 4

I went to see Dr. Grant yesterday for my weekly ultrasound/shot visit. Everything looked good on the ultrasound. Of course, he was sitting on my bladder...again. :) They measured his size/weight again today. They do that every three weeks. Last time he weighed about 1 lb 14 oz. Yesterday, he was 2 lb 14 oz. He had gained a pound in three weeks! He is in the 80th percentile for his age right now.

Look at that sweet profile!

I asked Dr. Grant what the chances were that we had the due date off and he was really a week older. I know...I basically asked a doctor if he had messed up on the due date! But, the reason I wanted to know was because I was curious about the chances of going into labor before my scheduled c-section on Jan 22.

Thankfully, he did not appear to be offended. He looked over my chart again and said that he thinks the due date is appropriate. However, he said the likelihood of me going into labor before that date is still pretty high- about 60-70%. But, he believes that is actually a good thing. He said babies typically do better if they go into labor for a while before the c-section. It helps get the fluid out of their lungs. Babies who are taken by c-section before they start labor often have more trouble with the breathing because they have not gone through the stress of labor that squeezes the fluid out. That explains a lot about why Sydney did so well with her breathing. I labored for several hours before they did the c-section.

So, it looks like I may still have the joy of going through the water breaking and rushing to the hospital for my delivery. I can't wait! And, I am only partially being sarcastic about that. Part of me looks forward to that moment when, surprise! Austin has decided to make his entrance! I like surprises, and as long as everything turns out alright, I would be fine with that. Call me crazy!

Yesterday, we also started our non-stress testing where they put me on a monitor and watch for any contractions. They also watch the baby's heart rate. They want to see it go up and down a certain number of times. That number should increase as he gets older. Also, every time I felt him move, I was supposed to push a button. Everything went well with that test, also. Austin's heart rate increased appropriately and I did not have any contractions! He is a lot like his sister, though. He does not really like the monitor being held on him and I often had to hold it in place and find him when he tried to move away from it. Several times, he kicked at it. Not at bad as Sydney did yet, but there is still time! :)

I think that is all of the updates for now. I go for my three hour glucose test on Thursday, so I will let you know how that goes. Until then, I am back strongly on my diet. I really don't want to have gestational diabetes! Please keep me in your prayers this week. I know it is only a small thing, but it really carries a lot of baggage from my pregnancy with Sydney with it! Then, it was the straw that broke my back and I am not looking forward to it again. But, I will do what is necessary for Austin, because that is my job! It is what I do. And it is totally worth it!

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Jeni said...

He's getting big! Wendy was always really bad for the monitors, too. I wonder what it is they react to - is it just the pressure? Anyway, it seemed like every time they'd find her, she'd immediately kick & squirm & they'd lose her again.

We're having a scheduled C-section, too, but because of the kind of C-section we had (& will have again), my uterus could rupture if I go into labor! That thought totally freaks me out, but I've just got to trust & pray! Our C will be scheduled at 37 weeks to minimize my chances of going into labor.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I also had to do the non stress tests with our second baby because of losing our first. I was still working at the time, and it was a pain to drive 30 minutes each way to the drs office. But the peace of mind in knowing that she was okay was definitely worth. I know you'll do all that you can to ensure Austin's safe arrival.

Hope you have good results from the 3 hr glucose test!