Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

3-Hour Glucose Test- Part 1

NaBloPoMo Day 6

Well, I woke up this morning, already a little hungry, and came into the hospital to start my 3-hour glucose test. Thankfully, there was not much of a line and I got started within 5 minutes. The lady took my blood and then gave me the drink. I was able to choose the lemon-lime flavor over the orange (much better than with Sydney) and downed the disgustingly sweet drink. Now I sit in the cafeteria, overlooking Stephens Lake Park. Not too bad of a view, for a hospital!

I should have no shortage of things to do while I wait. I came prepared with my laptop (complete with power cord), my camera and card reader (as evidenced above) so I can transfer pictures, my Bible Study book and Bible, my Babywise book that I am reading (really great reading so far!), my cell phone and a partridge in a pear tree.

Let me tell you...right now, I am feeling pretty queasy! I have not had that much straight sugar in a very long time! My lips are even sticky from where I drank it. Yuck! Well, I will keep you updated on my progress.

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Jeni said...

I hope it goes well! I don't remember it making me queasy, but I DO remember having a headache, from the fasting & then the shot of sugar. I hope things go well! I hope your results are normal!

Nichole said...

I felt so sick after the glucose test with Graham. I hope it goes well!