Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Monday, April 9, 2007

The Big Tree

Chris and Julie came up to visit this past weekend. Chris came up for a class on Friday/Saturday, so Julie came up to hang out for a while. Friday night, Andrew, Julie, and I had a "Grind" theme going. First, we went to W.G. Grinders for dinner (Julie had never been) Next, we decided to go find a place to get something hot to drink since it was so cold. We ended up at a very cool coffee house nearby (behind Rockbridge HS) that I had recently heard about called It's a Grind. We sat there in the comfortable chairs by the fire for a little while. Then we decided to go to see "The Big Tree" as Julie had never been there. The Big Tree has become somewhat of a family tradition for Drew and I. We try to take everyone that comes to see us to see it if we have the time. What is so special about a tree? Well, it is supposed to be the largest Bur Oak in Missouri. So what? It is also quite an optical illusion. It is situated out in a big field past McBaine (south of Columbia). There is a bluff behind it, but it is still about 1/4 mile from the bluff. When you first catch a glimpse of the tree, you are probably 1/4 mile from it across the field. It really does not look like much because there is no frame of reference. BUT, as you get closer, within the last 200 yards, it absolutely explodes in size. Looking at a vehicle sitting under it is pretty telling. Also, looking at the lower limbs, you would think they were the trunks of big trees themselves. The drip line is probably about 60 ft. in diameter! No kidding! Julie was appropriately impressed. The sun was setting while we were there and it made a beautiful sight. We left when another caravan (2 vans actually) pulled up to see the tree. Of course they wanted to get pictures too, so Drew got out of the Jeep and offered to take pictures of the entire group for them. Julie and I laughed as he stood out there freezing while they all tried to get arranged and decide which cameras needed to be used for pictures. When Chris got home from class, he had the same reaction to the idea of driving 15 minutes to see a tree as so many others...

What is so great about a big tree?

But, when he saw the pictures, he stopped making fun of us. Saturday, Julie and I just hung out at the house and visited while Chris went back to class and Andrew went to work. We had a great time. Although we had the intention of watching a "chick flick" without the guys, we ended up making our own as we talked and cried and laughed...all aspects of a good chick flick. It is amazing how much alike Andrew and Chris are as we discovered...or rediscovered rather.
Photo Disclaimer: I apologize for the quality of the pictures...they were taken with my cell phone camera.

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Julie said...

So I finally had the courage to get onto your site and read it all! I don't know why I waited. Maybe it all scares me, now that I'm pregnant too.
But, this posting reminds me of the fun we had! I wish Chris wouldn't have been in class.
Can't wait to see you guys again!