Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daddy Daycare and the ER

These things have both been a part of our lives in the last few days...thankfully not at the same time! Andrew had his dry run for Daddy Daycare on Friday. I was there, but did not do anything. I was there more to offer support and suggestions as needed, but he really did not need it. Austin was wonderful and they did great! Andrew did things differently than I would at times, but that is ok. He needs to work out a system that works for him. We also firmly established how much milk Austin needs at a feeding so I can work towards getting bottles ready for him during the week.

It was so hard to be there but not be able to hold Austin! I am not sure how I am going to react when I go back to work. (Hopefully this Friday if I am feeling alright. I am fighting off a bug right now.) I think that having Austin at home with Daddy rather than someone else will make it easier for me. Nothing against anyone else, but I feel like I am going back to work to give Austin and Daddy special time together and that makes it easier. However, I don't know that I will make it a full day the first time. I missed him so much on Friday and I was still in the same house. I don't know what I will do when I am gone! We will see.

On to the ER portion...

We had our College Ministry Spring Banquet on Sunday evening. Mom had Austin part of the night and brought him to me to say she thought he felt feverish. When I felt him, he was a little warm, but nothing unusual. She said that she had taken him out into the foyer, so maybe he had just been hot. We stayed around a little longer and then went home. He was fussy quite a bit on the way home, but I just chalked it up to being hungry and tired. When I went to pick him up out of the car seat when we got home, Austin was burning up! He was actually radiating heat from every part of his body! When I took his temperature, it was 102.1! I immediately went and got the Tylenol and gave it to him and then called the doctor. The doctor on call suggested I take him in to the ER to make sure nothing serious was wrong since the fever was so high and he is so young.

We were pretty worried as we took him in. I could not help but think of everything we went through with Sydney and here we were on our way to the ER with Austin! The one thing that made me feel better was that when they were not messing with him, Austin was jabbering and still smiling some.

They ran several tests including an influenza screen, RSV screen, a chest x-ray and drew blood. Thankfully, they did not have to do a lumbar puncture, even though they said that could be an option. They ended up deciding that he had a runny nose (he had been sneezing for about a week) and an ear infection. They sent us home with an antibiotic and instructions to keep up with the Tylenol and follow up with the doctor Monday.

While it was a very stressful evening, I am glad we got him checked out. He seems to be doing much better today and actually slept 10 hours last night! Hopefully, the ear infection will not become a habit or he will end up with tubes in his ears like his cousin, Cameron!

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Jeni said...

I'm glad he's doing a bit better. Wendy had several ear infections until she was about 15 months old, and hasn't had one since. In fact, she's been really healthy lately, compared to when she was a baby.

Newborns just have to get sick a certain amount to build up their immunity. That's what I always tried to remind myself when we were trapped in the antibiotics/Tylenol/no sleep cycle.

Shyla said...

Glad Austin is doing fine. I'm sure Andrew will make a wonderful stay at home dad! What a special relationship to have.

Sandi said...

Aw, poor little guy! I saw your mom walk out with him. I'm sorry you had a scary experience but am glad that he's okay!

Amydeanne said...

hugs! i'm so glad here the mat leave here is 12m i don't think could have handled it. Glad daddy can do it though cuz i totally understand that!!

hope you have a wonderfully blessed easter tiffany!