Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Food for Thought

I just read an amazing post over at Gina's blog about what types of things we take into our lives. It was a very challenging post. I have struggled back and forth with how I feel about it through the years. Check out what she says and then please come back here to weigh in.

Over the years, I have watched television shows or movies that contain ways of life that I know God would not approve of. Should I be staying away from those things? I have always justified this by saying that I can tune out the bad stuff. But, is that enough?

What should I do with the time that I normally would spend watching "the tube?" I have really enjoyed reading inspirational blogs like Gina's and reading Christian fiction novels. What other types of entertainment would you suggest for Christians? I am just curious how you spend your time.

I would love to know what you think about the matter.

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Gina said...

Hi, Tiffany! Thank you for your sweet comment and encouragement! I always love seeing your name pop up!

You asked about how to spend our time. That is a good question! You mentioned reading. That is good. My family and I like to play games, and we collect them. Atleast one new game each Christmas. We also will buy "seasons" of old shows, like "I love Lucy" or "Andy Griffith", or "The Waltons" gives us something to watch when we feel like watching something. We also have a collection of good movies, and always check out movie reviews on "Plugged In Online", A Christian movie review site. It tells you all the details of the movie...good and bad. We love to have people over. Sometimes we'll just sit around the kitchen table and drink tea or coffee, eat snacks, and talk. There are just so many ways that we can spend our time that is God honoring. There are even times that we have to put a limit on the "good shows" that we have purchased, so we use our time more wisely. I believe God can fill our time with so many profitable things, if we truely seek to honor Him in the use of it!

Sandi said...

Hey, Tiffany...we do a lot of the same things that Gina games, read, watch old TV shows or movies, or watch movies after reading about them on Plugged In as well...We sit around and talk, too...

I was afraid after we bought our new (old) TV that we would spend too much time in front of it, but after a couple of weeks, it just felt like our old TV -- that it was just there to watch what we choose to put in the machine and every once in a while we watch something on a station. Having more "us" time and family time really works well for us.

See you in the morning!