Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

WFMW- Spaghetti

This week, Shannon at Rocks in the Dryer, challenged us with a themed WFMW. She asked what we cook when we don't have a lot of time or when our cupboards are running bare. I thought about this, and while I usually have a frozen pizza on hand, that is less than inspiring to write about.
So, while also pretty uninspiring, I always have the ingredients for spaghetti on hand. It is really pretty simple. But, our family orders a beef each year and divides it up, so I always have ground beef. The noodles are cheap and don't take much room to store. Finally, I buy several different flavors of Del Monte or Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce on hand. I can thaw out the hamburger, season it to however I like, and add the sauce. Whala! (Probably not spelled right, but you get the point.) Dinner. By keeping several different flavors of sauce, it does not always taste the same, so it does not get too boring.
It is really pretty simple- but that is the point, right! It works for me!

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Jeni Allen said...

Spaghetti is one of our fall-backs too. We even make it for company, since we can afford it! :-)