Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My First Speaking Engagement

Last week, one of my PT professors, Karen, called me and asked me to speak to the third year PT class at Mizzou. The topic? My experience with pregnancy complications and being in the hospital. Huh? You want me to talk? She thought that they could learn more from me, who had been through it, than from her, who had studied it.

I was pretty nervous going in to it. Was I going to forget everything? Was I going to break down in tears? Would I be able to talk through those tears? Would they all look at me as if they saw the third arm growing out of my head? Would they sit there and wonder, "Why is she telling us all this?" My hear was racing, my breathing short, and my palms sweaty. (And I never get sweaty palms!)

Well, as you have probably figured out since I am writing this after the fact...I survived! Not without tears, mind you. But, I made it through. It was another step on my road to recovery. I shared our story, what I learned about being in the hospital and how a PT can affect that, what I learned about grief, and what a PT can do for someone who has been on bed rest. I also made a handout of last week's Thursday 13 post.

Hopefully, sharing my experience will help others in similar situations. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to pass on what I have learned. Thank you Karen! It does not make it worth losing Sydney, but I am glad something good can come out of my grief and loss.

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Gina said...

Hi, Tiffany. What a wonderful opportunity! I'm sure it was very hard!


Amy said...

You are very brave! You should be very proud for getting through that task.

Crutcher Fam said...

that took a LOT of courage!

Anonymous said...

Proud of you for being able to share your "experience" (don't know what else to call it) with others to help them. Stay strong.
Maybe they will be able to help others better.

Jeni said...

Great job, Tiffany! God has given you such courage, and such an opportunity to share and help.

Marion said...

Tiff, I have always thought you to be an amazing and loving person. Now, I aspire to have your strength. I am so glad that my most special cousin Sydney has a great mom like you.

Sandi said...

Wow, Tiff. You are BRAVE -- I'm really proud of you for having the strength to say "yes" and to do this. Your talk will no doubt stick out in the minds of those students for a long time. I praise God for your willingness to be transparent and open. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Very proud of you!!!