Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

We had a great weekend! On Saturday, I did go to the scrapbook crop here in town. Unfortunately, it was not a great success as I had hoped. I just could not get in the groove, so to speak. It was not really anything wrong with the people there. I just was not organized and could not figure out anything to do with the pictures I took. That was the other problem, I only took one set of pictures. So, when I was not "feeling it" with my vacation pictures, I did not have anything else to work on. I will probably go back next month and try to be more prepared.

Saturday night, we went over to Andrew's parents' house. His best friend's mom was in town visiting. They had grown up together and their moms are great friends. So, we all went out for dinner and to watch Sinbad, "Brain Damaged." They have talked about it and quoted it so much, that I had to see it. It really was very funny! However, I think it was funnier watching them all laugh at it so hard.

On Sunday, it was absolutely beautiful outside! The temperature got up to around 72 degrees and the sun was shining. Best of all, it was windy. So, what do you do on your first sunny, warm, windy day of the year? Of course! You get out your kites! So, Sunday afternoon, we headed out to the park by our house with our kites, camera, and a bottle of Gatoraid. We flew out of the car, very excited, and started crossing the field to an open space. But, as we went, we started noticing it was getting muddy. And I am not talking about just a little bit of mud! I am talking about mud splashing up just from walking through it!

Andrew was so disappointed! So, instead, we went driving around for a while with the windows down and the sunroof open. As we were driving, I got an idea. My parents have a big, open yard. I bet we could go there! So, we called and my mom walked the yard and said it really was not that muddy! Yeah! The day was saved!

We went out there and put our kites together. The rain clouds were rolling in, but we had time to fly them for about 45 minutes. Unfortunately, my kite was a bit directionally challenged. Or maybe it was just afraid of heights. Whatever the problem, it just would not stay up, nor would it go very high. My dad worked it, I worked it, Andrew worked just would not go.

Andrew's on the other hand, shot right up and stayed up! We let out all of the string on it. It was so cool! You could hear the string whistling from the wind.

Dad was the last person to have the kite as we were finishing up. He was winding up the string when a big burst of wind came up and ripped it out of his hands. Andrew heard the grip pop out of dad's hands. The kite kind of drifted for a little bit and they were following it, when it caught a current and flew off a couple of houses down.

The next thing that happened was hilarious! The handle caught up in a tree or something and the kite was anchored there in the neighbor's yard, flying itself! I guess it just wanted to be free. We could not get it back! I wonder if the neighbors wondered who was flying a kite in their back yard!

Enjoy the pictures! Sorry they are dark, the sun went away. :( You can change the speed by clicking on the + or - buttons in the bottom left corner of the slide.

Today? It is 28 degrees with a chance for snow! If you don't like the weather in Missouri, wait a few will change!

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Jeni said...

Looks like it was fun! I think the weather is very changeable just about everywhere in the spring. It has been here - snow flurries, 70 degrees, snow flurries, 70 degrees...

Crazy Daisy said...

i haven't flown a kite for a long time! it sounds like fun!

kailani said...

I can't believe how extreme the weather is there. How do you make plans?

Ter said...

I'm so jealous that you have nice weather and NO SNOW!!

It looks like you had fun! :)

Ter said...

I'm so jealous that you have nice weather and NO SNOW!!

It looks like you had fun! :)

Ter said...

I'm so jealous that you have nice weather and NO SNOW!!

It looks like you had fun! :)