Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Out for a Saturday Drive

Yesterday, we went on an adventure. The sun was out, the temperature was supposed to get up to 40 (that's right...down right balmy!) and it had snowed overnight, so the ground was beautiful. So, what do you do on a day like that? You go on a drive- what else?!

So, we called up Andrew's parents (they're always up for a day of driving with no destination in mind) to invite them along. Of course, we suggested that they drive their mini van because their tires are much cheaper than ours on the Jeep. (Read here if you don't know what I am talking about.)

Andrew- eyes on the road!

Nancy- Andrew's mom

Don- Andrew's dad

A self-portrait- not very flattering!

We did not end up getting left until around noon, so most of the snow was melted. We headed off towards California, Missouri. In California, the interesting sights we saw were the county courthouse, the McClay home, and an old church.

The McClay Home was originally built in 1858 as a school for girls called "Rose Hill." It closed during the Civil War when it was taken over and used as the headquarters for General John C. Freemont. It was really in amazing shape for its age!

From there, we went to Tipton, Missouri. There is a Dutch Bakery there that had all kinds of homemade baked goods, noodles, mixes for dips and candies. They had amazing cinnamon rolls! Sorry, I did not get a picture- we were too busy eating!

From there, we were not very far from Sedalia. Sedalia has a Goody's, a Stage and a Big Lots. Much to the disappointment of our husbands, Nancy and I insisted we swing by "for just a bit!" We got some great deals on shirts at Goody's and Stage! We also bought a few things at Big Lots.

From there, we stopped at McGrath's Steaks and Seafood for dinner (a place we had never tried before, but was very good!) and then headed home. We did not make it back home until around 9, but it was a very fun day!

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Crazy Daisy said...

I love mini road trips! They are often the most fun, especially when you don't really have a destination!

Marianne said...

Sounds fun! Something about a road trip on a blue-sky day.

Thanks for stopping by again!

I love your Feedjit map -- I just had to add one of my own. It's fun to see where folks are from.


kailani said...

What a great day to be outdoors!