Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stingy Much?

I have recently discovered, well really I recently admitted something about myself. I struggle with being stingy. I want to help people and do what I can for them, but I don't like it when it makes me uncomfortable. Here are some examples:

My friend, Sandi, and her husband recently started up a new ministry working with the local refugee/immigration service office. Our church is helping a family from Burundi who recently was relocated here after spending the past 12 years in a refugee camp. They don't speak English and only have five months of support before they are on their own. We are helping them learn about shopping for groceries, getting clothes, taking them to doctor's appointments, getting the children set up in schools, etc. I had volunteered to help out with transportation to doctor's appointments. However, when the day came to go for the first time, I found myself dreading it. I was worried about the language barrier and the fact that it was an OB appointment did not help much either. Everything turned out well, but why was I reluctant about helping?

"It's OK," you might say. "It is normal to be apprehensive in a situation like that." Well, here is another example. This one really is what made me acknowledge my stingy tendencies. I have had a girl from my church on my prayer list. She has been in the hospital on bed rest for premature labor. She recently was released and is now just waiting for the baby to come.

The college group at church is collecting money for her. Andrew and I were discussing how much we wanted to give her. (We are currently attending the college small group as Andrew is the faculty sponsor on campus.) I found myself low balling the amount I was suggesting we give. What?! Yes, it is true! After all of the money people gave us while we were in the hospital, the college group in particular, I was being stingy.

Thankfully, Andrew is one of the most giving people I know. He volunteers his time, money, ideas, muscles, whatever you need. He overruled my suggestions. I want to be a giving person. I want to give of my time, money, muscles (what little I have), and whatever else people may need. And, I want to give it cheerfully! I hope to make overcoming my stingy nature a goal for 2008.

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Gina said...

Hi Tiffany!
I wanted to thank you for your excellent comment that you left on my blog today. As I read it, I was thinking in my head, "AMEN, TIFFANY! AMEN!" I want my children to learn gratefulness as well! I will feel burdened by it at times.

As I went about my day, I kept thinking about what you shared, and what a great desire you have...and then I was thinking, "Lord, how have we been teaching that to our children over the years?" They are now 17 and 14, and we are still learning this together!

Your comment inspired me to think and pray through it all, and then God gave me the words to write a post about teaching our children gratefulness!

It was helpful for me to think it all through, and in sharing what the Lord has been teaching us over the years, I pray that it will be helpful to younger moms who have such godly hearts that want to train thier children!

Stop by and read what you inspired!
Let me know what you think!!!
God Bless.

Jeni Allen said...

Hey Tiffany - I just wanted to let you know that even if you have "stingy" tendencies on the inside, I don't think it shows on the outside. I've never thought of you that way, only as a very giving sister in Christ. I think you're dealing with it pretty well - but if it burdens your heart, I'll help pray that you can overcome it!

Sandi said...

Hey, Tiffany -- I appreciate your willingness to share your struggle. I don't think that you are alone. Thankfully, Dave is also a very giving person (especially with service and money) and helps me to be more so. My problem is that I tend to get really excited about helping someone and then when it actually takes a long-term commitment, I get bored and tired of being expected to keep helping. Thankfully, I think God has worked on me in this as He will in you, too. Thank you for putting yourself outside your comfort zone to help our refugee family, Tiff. Love you.

Jeni Allen said...

Also - I think that's part of God's plan for marriage - so that we can combine our strengths/weaknesses into a reasonable whole. Goodness knows James and I aren't exactly alike; if we were, I don't know how we'd still be together. But our many differences allow us to grow together and push each other in the right direction. I think that balancing is one of God's big blessings in a healthy marriage.