Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where are the cats?

Picture this...we are sitting lazily on Saturday morning- playing games on the computer and reading blogs, when I look up and notice that the cats are not in their normal place on the back of the couch asleep or looking out the window. So, I ask Drew, "Where are the cats?" We both jump up expecting them to be somewhere they are not supposed to be. As we walk back the hall, expecting the worst, we see this:

We recently purchased a new bedroom set and the cats have discovered it. I think they like it. I just wonder how long it will take Millie to end up on top of the armoire.

"New furniture, huh," you say? You see, we have been trying to decide if we will be able begin to redecorate the "office" into a nursery again after Sydney. We kept coming to the same would be too hard. So, we started talking about moving- buying or building a new house. But again, we ran into the problem that moving is just not a plausible option. We have a great mortgage and really like where we live, and can't see any way we would find anything comparable for a price we can afford. We are stuck here. So, what do we do?
The problem lies with our small closets. There is no way that Andrew's things would fit into our closet in our bedroom. So, he has stored all of his things in the guest room closet and dresser. Turning that room into a nursery would mean he would lose his closet. But, if we could find a way to move him back into our bedroom, the guest room would be open for change. And that is what we did. We figured that getting a new bedroom set, while costly, would be less expensive than moving. We have spent much of our morning working on getting things put into place in our "new" bedroom. It is fun! Of course, we do not remember the furniture being this big on the show room floor, but it makes our room much more practical.
Problem solved. Now, we have a new bedroom and can plan to turn the guest room into a nursery when the time comes again.

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Jeni Allen said...

Love the new furniture! I really want to see what all you've done with the house one of these times we're up in MO.

Tiffany said...

You would not recognize it! New siding, windows, bathroom (well, redone bathroom). I finally have the yellow house, just not the green roof and shudders. We would love to have you guys over when we are all in town at the same time!

Sandi said...

The bedroom looks great! Look forward to seeing it in person sometime!

Amy said...

Love the furniture!

Marion said...

The pics of the furniture are beautiful. Can't wait to see it in person one day. I have not seen your house since before you had done any work. I really need to be better about coming by when we are in town. Love ya see ya sooner rather than later

Tiffany said...

We are really enjoying it. It is nice to have room to put all of our clothes in one room again!

Andrew said...

It's seems crazy, but it's novel to me to not have my own "room" anymore. We've had separate closets for the last four years!