Sydney Danielle Lough 3/11/07

Sydney Danielle Lough  3/11/07
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Casting Crowns Concert

Friday night, we went to the Casting Crowns Concert in St. Charles with The Ellis Clan. We had an amazing time! We were not sure how the boys would react as they had never been to a concert before. As we entered the arena, their jaws dropped and they just stood there and stared, taking everything in. When the intellabeams started flying all over the arena, Stephen looked up and said, "Wow!" It was so cool watching them get adjusted. Being a Christian concert, there were many people raising their hands. Before the end of the concert, Mason was one of them. I thought that maybe he just thought it was a concert thing, but he informed Monte that when you sing about God or Jesus, you are supposed to stand up and put your hands in the air. You never know what your kids will learn when they go with the Loughs! :)
The concert itself was amazing! They combined several of the songs in a really cool way. They also sang a lot of songs from their new CD that we do not have yet. It told us that we really need to get that CD. If you have not ever listened to one of their CDs, you should. The music is great, but what really touches me is how real their lyrics are. They don't beat around the bush at what they are trying to communicate. They just say it how it is. They are uplifting and thought-provoking. As has been happening lately, a lot of the things I have been studying came up in the concert. They sang one of the songs we really liked from the ZOE conference, The Word is Alive. I hope it is on the new CD.
We didn't get home until around midnight. By that time, I was coughing pretty bad, so I took a Benadryl and NyQuil. As you can imagine, I was knocked out! I slept until 10 the next morning! I think I am still trying to recover!

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pop said...

Glad you guys had a good time at the concert-get over your cold quick.